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Individual perfume formula is not an art for everyone. This is a special approach to oneself. With nothing comparable experience of creating your own invisible portrait, filled with your own meanings.
NŌSE will be happy to help you in creation your own unique scent formula. Together we will find true inner self, implementing such creative and technical task with respectful patience.


At the first meeting with NŌSE you will go through a short excursion into the world of perfumes and different ingredients to understand better your own way in creating fragrance. After that, NŌSE creates several prototypes according your brief and meets with you one more time to discover the future steps to finalize the formula. In a few weeks after you will receive a personal scent formula with 100ml exclusive bottle filled with your creation. It is also possible to take any prototypes you like.

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Together we will find true inner self

Just imagine that one bottle combine flavors and plant juices from completely different places — from the Arctic Circle to Australia. Add natural aromatic materials of animal origin (castoreum or ambergris) and synthetic molecules.