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about nōse perfumes

Thanks to the first Russian perfumers like Henri Brocard, Alexander Ostroumov and Ernest Beaux, Russian perfume market was booming in the XIX century. Russian nobles, including members of the Royal family, brought their home perfumery to the world-wide level of attention. Later on, Soviet regime stopped any development of Russian perfumery. But today, 100 year after, the successful story of Russian noses is inspiring a new generation to experiment.

The NŌSE perfumes fragrances do not chase diverse fashion trends, rather reflect an individual’s mood and the unique olfactory background of the brand’s creator Timur Solodov. For him, the scents of wet asphalt, the winter shiny freshness and grandfather’s Soviet car are closer than the smells of lavender, neroli and salty ocean. The aroma of herbal tea with a homemade pie inspires Timur more than a coffee with a croissant.

The number of these opposites between Russian and European olfactory experience is endless as is the differences in approaches of creating the fragrances.

“I am not looking to create a simple scent, I want my perfume to speak about something real. My scents are the cultural code of the ways I captured the country I grew up in: rough, restless and unlike anything known in perfumery. I work with classical materials, but my perfumes are very different from the classics."


Timur Solodov, creator and founder of NŌSE perfumes